The Design Team

Meet the Probation Grant Programs Design Team!

In August 2015, our Alameda County Probation Department formed a cross-system design team comprised of content experts in program design, organization development, Alameda County procurement protocol, and grant making to design the grant programming for AB109 funds administered by the Alameda County Probation Department. This team functions as our internal workgroup and is comprised of representatives from the former Fund Development Office, the General Services Agency, and executive and line staff in the Probation Department. Together, over a year long process, our workgroup has lead the design and procurement strategy for seven new AB109 grant programs. These programs, as envisioned by a diverse community of providers, advocates, and consumers have sought to direct the investment of AB109 funds to build the capacity of community service providers, and to achieve measurable impact in the areas of case management, pretrial services, education, employment and consumer-driven programming (For Us By Us) for Alameda County’s realigned population. Consistent with the direction of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors and the Alameda County Community Corrections Partnership, the Probation Department’s design team efforts seek to protect and leverage our Department’s historical and current investment in community partnerships that foster improved outcomes for our clients.

The Design Team (DT) began its work by conducting an extensive review of county specific planning documents, scanning regional Bay Area county AB109 strategies, undertaking a broad literature review of evidence-based correctional practice, while seeking input and lessons learned from local community partners and vendors who have worked closely with the Department over the years. This research laid the foundation for the design of a two-pronged grantmaking approach in which service providers regardless of their size, budget and capacity, could participate in improving their ability to deliver services capable of demonstrating measurable improvement in outcomes for the reentry population. The Probation Department’s two AB109 grant funding categories are called Direct Service Grants (DSG) and the Community Capacity Fund (CCF).