Probation AB109 Grant Programs

Community Capacity Fund (CCF)

The primary goal of the Community Capacity Fund (CCF) is “To expand the number and diversity of community-based agencies that have the demonstrated capacity to effectively contract with Alameda County and specifically the Alameda County Probation Department to improve outcomes for the realigned population.” To achieve this goal, the Community Capacity Fund will award Planning grants and Implementation grants with grant periods beginning January 2016.

Community Capacity Funds are specifically intended to foster measurable improvements in organization capacity in one or more of seven areas: (1) Mission, Vision, Strategy; (2) Governance and Leadership; (3) Organization Structure; (4) Partnerships, External Relations and Networking; (5) Management Systems and Operational Ability; (6) Fundraising, Revenue Generation, Fiscal Sustainability; and (7) Sector-Specific Knowledge.

Direct Service Grants

On March 19, 2015, the Board Approved a designation of fifty-percent of the FY2015-16 AB 109 Public Safety Realignment base allocation to community based organizations that work with the realigned population. On June 9, 2015 the Community Correction Partnership Executive Committee (CCPEC) approved the allocation of fifty-percent of the realignment base funding.

On September 19, 2016, the CCPEC approved the allocation of an additional in the categories of:

Category Amount
Housing $2,575,000
BHCS-Substance Use and Mental Health Service $2,900,000
Mild/Moderate MH Services $2,500,000
Family Reunification $1,000,000
Transportation $1,000,000
Innovations in Reentry $1,000,000
Trust (set-aside) $3,000,000
Totals    13,975,000